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Wilson Hurst

Commercial, Retail & Industrial Leasing and Sales

  • Best practice market advice
  • Comprehensive marketing campaigns
  • Market rental appraisals
  • Negotiating lease documents
  • Assignments and subletting

We represent a diverse range of investors and developers who own properties in the Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch CBDs and surrounding areas.

The ongoing value of a property rests largely on the quality of its tenants and the terms on which they occupy it. So we give you the best practice advice on where to pitch your property in the marketplace and whether any improvements can be made to attract tenants with the best possible covenant strength.

We take the time to capture your exact requirements for each property before developing a robust marketing strategy that will deliver on your objectives. The value for you lies in our sensitivity to market trends and our in-depth local knowledge in each city.

In every negotiation, we use our expertise in Corporate Real Estate and Asset Management to understand the needs of potential occupiers and structure the deal to provide a win-win outcome for all parties.

Commercial, Retail & Industrial Leasing contact:

Laura Osborne

Company Licensee
Auckland Office
+64 21 969 480

Commercial, Retail & Industrial Sales contact:

Finn Hurst

Principal Director
Auckland Office
+64 27 688 8970