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RBI Rollout


2011 - 2015




Wilson Hurst have been working for Vodafone New Zealand over the past four years assisting in acquiring mobile phone sites. This has included over 30 Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) sites in areas paid for by the Government in order to get improved high speed wireless Broadband into rural communities.

The RBI sites have different challenges to regular mobile phone sites being often very remotely situated, away from the usual infrastructure of roading and electricity and needing to either be connected via high speed microwave meaning ‘line of site to an existing radio site’ or if possible, fibre optic cable.

This means there are significant access or easement rights required. This not only ensures connection and access, but also helps to provide ease of construction and ongoing maintenance, many times in largely rugged terrain. The RBI sites are also larger in size and lease area than the regular mobile phone sites in order to accommodate other potential mobile operators.

Excellent community liaison was essential to ensure the acquisition process ran smoothly and rural communities were very encouraging and helpful given the improvement to communications they will experience as a result of the sites installation

Wilson Hurst is also involved in acquiring regular mobile phones site for Vodafone and the relocation of existing sites to new locations be it in industrial, commercial, suburban and rural locations around New Zealand.

Highlights include:

  • Securing over 30 RBI sites nationwide
  • Completing various greenfield mobile phone sites nationwide
“Excellent community
liaison was essential
to ensure the
acquisition process
ran smoothly”