We are Wilson Hurst

An ultra-fast rollout for Chorus NZ.


Chorus New Zealand Limited


Ultra-fast Broadband Rollout


March 2012 - Ongoing


Auckland, Wellington, Taupo, Rotorua, Palmerston North, Napier, Queenstown, Greymouth, Nelson, Blenheim, Timaru, Dunedin, Invercargill.


For dwellings that have requested Ultra-fast Broadband (UFB) and are located in a Right of Way (ROW) or a Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU), before UFB can be installed, Chorus needs the consent from a property owner.

ROW properties which are accessed via a shared driveway and or a cross lease is where there is a piece of land owned by multiple parties in undivided shares.

Consent means that all interested parties have agreed to Chorus deploying fibre along the access way and gives us permission to access for maintenance.

MDUs are those properties that share a common boundary with multiple occupancies (may be one building or more), including: semi-detached dwellings, apartments, townhouses, some gated communities, some retirement villages and office blocks.

As these are privately owned, Chorus will need consent from property owners or the body corporate to install fibre into and within the building as well as gain ongoing access to connect other users and for maintenance in the future.

In a small number of cases there may be costs that will have to be covered by the landlord or body corporate before Chorus can start work as well.

Wilson Hurst were engaged by Chorus to gain consents from landowners and body corporates under these scenarios.

What started out as a handful of commercial and residential properties in Auckland and Wellington has grown into a project employing up to 20 staff across three offices and gaining consents from thousands of landowners across many different towns and cities across the country, with the number of locations growing as UFB reaches further across NZ.

Wilson Hurst are constantly evolving to respond to changes in the installation methods, timeframes for gaining consents as they are imposed onto Chorus by Crown Fibre Holdings, changes in Chorus Corporate Governance and helping a large cross section of landowners to understand the processes involved in obtaining UFB. 

Highlights include:

  • Managing project staff of up to 20 across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch
  • Gaining in excess of 6,000 landowner approvals per annum
“Wilson Hurst really understood our needs, and at the end of the day they had the energy and experience to really get the job done”